Don’t even bother with a resolution. You won’t keep it.

Something I like better is the concept of OneWord365, where you pick a single word to embody how you want to be in the world in the new year.

My word last year was Unlock, and this year I have chosen Strengthen. And since I’m sitting here with a broken wrist, increasing deafness from Meniere’s Disease, and the flu, I need my health strengthened. And my mind, body, finances, relationships, faith, how I use my time, etc.



  1. Significance. This word has been hiding since I’ve never experienced any word ever ‘showing up’. So it must mean something and maybe I’ll find out what. To start I’ll respond to what is significant to me and that is wishing you Heather, the most easeful, safest, deeply healthy, most fascinating, connected and over the top joyous year to come (and the strength to accept that). New? Or a fulfillment of all previous years! And while I’m at it…the same to everyone who has enjoyed and is committed to these truth loving, courageous inquiries. Chin chin, salut, yamas, Happy new year(s).

  2. Wise statement to make Forthright One!

    Hmmm, my word shall be: TENACIOUS in all its glory!

    Feel better soon, I send you health, strength and much love for 2020 xxxx

  3. Relentless, sounds more commited than
    driven or obsessive…so I will go with Relentless, as in the pursuit of a worthy goal. Hahaha maybe I should have chosen confused as my word.
    Happy new year to one and all.

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