A Warren Buffet Thought Experiment

“Buffett often speaks to business school students, and when he does he sometimes gives them the following thought experiment. Imagine that you can invest in one of your classmates, and be entitled to 10% of their future earnings. Who would you choose? What are the characteristics that person would possess? He says that most people wouldn’t simply choose the student with the highest IQ. There’s often a big difference between potential and actual. They’d be more likely to choose someone not satisfied with mediocrity, someone who is driven to excel. They would probably also have a lot of other positive characteristics, like generosity, integrity, and sociability. The point of the exercise is to show the students that the skills they’d be looking for aren’t innate for some people and not others, but are skills that anyone cultivate. Everyone has the potential to be the person worth investing in. So consciously choose to develop those positive traits, to realize your full potential, to become the kind of person others would want to invest in. Best of all, when you invest in yourself, you won’t just get 10% of the benefit, you’ll get the full 100%.”

(From an article by Thomas Murcko at BusinessDirectory.com)


  1. Great post very positive information

  2. What an incredibly wise man. Great post.

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