Is the title of a book considered by many to be one of the best self-help books ever written.

Here is an excerpt from the section on friendship:

“I was introduced recently to a man who is an editor, playwright, cat-fancier, and amateur sculptor. We had everything in common, except any great liking for each other. Having eagerly arranged such introductions myself any number of times, with sometimes neutral and occasionally disastrous results, it finally struck me that the secret to having people meet who will like each other is to introduce a close friend of mine, not to someone who resembles him, but to someone who resembles me. This is not conceit but realism in that, if my friend has chosen me, I am the sort of person he is drawn to; his friends are not people like him, they are people like me. With this discovery of the obvious, I have subsequently had better luck with my pairings.”

jo coudert

I have highlighted pearls of wisdom on almost every page of my copy of her book.