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Like the trend forecaster Gerald Celente, I am a political atheist. I don’t believe in politicians.

However, it is always an amusing spectacle of liars accusing other liars of lying.

Somebody said that election primaries are just the puppet masters test marketing the puppets. The final candidates are more test marketing to find the most convincing liar. And voila – the winner.

They always lie. Why do you waste your time listening to them? Join the political atheists, it’s so liberating. No more wasting brain cells listening to them. No more anger at their broken promises. No more engaging in fruitless discussions. When you don’t participate – nothing happens. The political machinery carries on as always, and really, it seems to be more Corporatocracy than Democracy. Our part in it has probably always been a fiction – it’s rule by the rich and we are not oligarchs or plutocrats.

Try it. The next time someone asks you about your political affiliations, say “I’m a political atheist. I don’t believe in politicians.” You won’t miss arguing about it, and your blood pressure will thank you.


  1. I am a Political Atheist. This is my new mantra.

  2. Nice, like this!!!

  3. Me too. I am a political aetheist. always have been actually. But this is a great way of putting it. I do still vote though.

  4. Finbar K Dash

    April 8, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    Ignore them, and they will go away! Or they will feel less important.

  5. Politics is hard…and dirty. The best and brightest want to avoid it. Our political leaders steal, lie, and worse. If any political leader gets out of line, they become a target…Either Kennedy Style (bang bang) or get honey trapped into oblivion like Gary Hart.

    Hard, slow , dirty, divisive…Wonder why people would rather do something else.
    But if you dont take care of politics it will take care of you. In the 2004 presidential election in the usa 49 million Americans voted to re elect president GW Bush. Over 79 million Americans were eligible to vote and did not. Results of Bushie:

    2001 : 9/11 terrorist attacks; 1,200 people arrested and held indefinitely
    without charge; Bush signs USA PATRIOT Act, allowing
    the government to secretly wiretap and search the personal records
    of citizens without a warrant; war in Afghanistan begins;
    no-fly list created, eventually growing to over a million names.

    2002: Male immigrants and visitors from over twenty-five countries
    required to register with the U.S. government; more than
    thirteen thousand registrants face deportation; Department of
    Justice allows FBI to spy on religious and political groups without
    probable cause; Bush doctrine of preemptive war announced;
    Homeland Security Act passed; Department of Justice memo
    authorizes torture up to “serious physical injury” in overseas interrogations.

    2003: Iraq War begins; Department of Homeland Security
    established; Operation Liberty Shield detains visitors seeking
    asylum from thirty-four Muslim countries; Bush continues
    to centralize and expand power through the unprecedented
    use of executive privilege and signing statements, which enable
    him to ignore or reinterpret bills that have passed Congress.

    2004: Department of Homeland Security begins affixing electronic
    monitoring ankle bracelets to thousands of illegal immigrants;
    government outsources domestic intelligence collection
    to private companies to circumvent laws restricting spying on
    citizens; US-VISIT system requires all foreign visitors to be digitally
    photographed, fingerprinted, and checked against a computer
    database on entry; photos of prisoners tortured in Abu
    Ghraib prison surface; subsequent Red Cross investigations find
    evidence of prisoners being sexually abused, set on fire, and
    forced to eat a baseball at Guantanamo Bay.

    If your idea of politics is choosing a side, sticking by it and voting every 3-5 years …forget it.
    Some of the most impactful changes in the last 200 years have been initiated and forged by citizens….Not politicians

    1. The Weekend
    2. The 40 hour work week
    3. Publicly funded health care (disease management)

    These are all under attack…any nobody is paying attention …Facebook, porn, movies, TV, and youtube are much more fun.

    Europe has been at war for 100’s of years. I think they had enough. Here is what some of them they are doing ….

  6. Perfectly put.
    I’ve been getting out of the machine slowly but surely for many years and politics was the first to go. Then religiosity and as much as is possible commercialism.

  7. Yes!!!!! I’m Karen and I’m a political atheist. I feel SO liberated!!!

  8. Amen, TFO!

    Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a political atheist.

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