Aunty Em Syndrome

She wanted so badly to tell Miss Gulch what she really thought of her, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

I can relate.

Here are a few things that have swirled in my head over the years about people who resemble Grendel:

"You emotionless, black hearted, greedy, evil prick."
Me - "Only the good die young."
Them - "What do you mean by that?"
Me - "That you're alive and my mom is dead."
"You were obviously suffering from decision fatigue when you chose your wife."
"You are a bastard, and you work for the antichrist, and you decorate with demons."
Them - "What effing charm school did you go to?"
Me - "I didn't need to go to charm school. That's for snakes like you."
"The more you drink, the more your monologues are marathons of hari kari inducing boredom."
"If stupidity was a disease, you would have been dead 60 years ago."
"You're not a family. You're an immune system suppressant."

At funerals, I never understand when people say that the deceased “never had a bad word to say about anybody.” I’ve never met anyone who was deserving of endless praise. I guess all the anger towards the idiots those people met in life just got buried into passive-aggressive rage. So nice on the outside, but so toxic within from unexpressed anger.

We are all products of our mental circuitry. Too bad some people didn’t get better electricians.

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  1. Who is Grendel? Is Auntie Em from Wizard of Oz? You’ve never met anyone who was deserving of endless praise? How about endless hostility? Good thing we have expiry dates!

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