Bird Count Down by 3 Billion

A recent report from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the American Bird Conservancy made the headlines with the news that in the last fifty years, the number of birds in North America has been decimated. This is on the heels of reports from the last couple of years about the disappearance of the flying insect population from the world scene.

Yeah that’s normal.

Now, I would have expected we would have had a report about declining bird populations when maybe they had noticed that 500,000 or so had left the building like Elvis. But no, they wait until THREE BILLION are gone. WTF?

The more astute observers among you will note that fifty years ago, world population was 3.7 billion people, and now it is 7.7 billion.

For my money you can have the people. Give me back the pulchritudinous birds.


  1. hmm…there is not one single animal of any kind who is a ‘saint’. There aren’t many human saints either but at least there are some. It bodes well.

  2. I agree, too many humans taking up valuable space and air…time to thin the herd, back to 3.7 billion or less. It seems the more evolved the more destructive.

  3. ahhhh, this is very very sad, I agree take the people.

  4. We have 3 bird feeders and a bird bath in our yard. Often when there are several birds visiting, they snap at each other and try to chase each other away. And I’ll tell them “There’s plenty of food there for all of you. Just ignore the other guys and eat. You’re behaving like the humans!” But you’re right, on this planet it’s the people that are the problem….

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