Breaking News from Loblaws

Because I have an Optimum card, I get emails from Loblaws. Galen Weston had this to say this morning:

“We will close immediately if we are informed of a colleague testing positive. We know communities consider us an essential service right now, but we ask for your patience as we will remain closed for as long as it takes to deep-clean, or on the advice of public health.”

Better to starve to death than die of the virus.

Testing positive is meaningless without an indication of the severity. What about false positives? I’ll say it again – most cases are MILD. Contagious doesn’t mean death. The seasonal flu is contagious and people die.

If the virus is proving hard to kill, democracy on the other hand is showing itself to be quite susceptible to death by contagion.


  1. Very well said !!!

  2. So just the one store closing then.

  3. According to the latest science, the seasonal flu is not comparable in contagiousness or deadly outcome AND there is a vaccine that although I know has its own problems, seems to be helpful for at least those most likely die from flu. This virus is NOVEL…meaning it has skipped from another species to ours and we have no defences at the moment and it could mutate in virulence (or not) . We will develop immune antibodies…but right now…6000 people have died in Italy alone in little more than a month. True, people have died of other things too. Covid-19 is sweeping seniors and anyone vulnerable off the planet with breath taking speed and we don’t know how to stop it. It is not a gentle death. True…this is also not the Spanish flu (another species jump) but if we don’t at least stop the curve…people will die in the street. We don’t want either starving to death or dying of the virus to be our only options. It seems to me that the mandate to isolate is an effort to SAVE the economy and democracy.

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