Bureaucrats and Trees are a Lethal Mix

For the trees, that is. For a city that claims to love trees, there are a lot of them marked for death. The chainsaws are slaughtering giant trees at Byng Park in Scarborough as I write this. Trees that provide beauty and shelter and shade and air purification. For no other reason than some petty bureaucrats decided that certain trees are invasive. They write pointless multi-page reports and all the reasons look good on paper, but it is pure sophistry. Tress that grew for over 50 years with no problem, but now they have to go. And not only are they being ruthlessly cut down, but the stumps will also be sprayed with a herbicide (which is a euphemism for poison) to kill the sucker growth that will take over.

So they take our trees, our natural heritage, and give us saplings with shallow root systems that can’t survive drought, and poison. The list of people I want to throw into the lake of fire is growing.

A couple of years ago, this same gang of criminals cut down a number of large trees on the main street near where we live. No reason was given. They weren’t dead (unlike people, trees die slowly). Then, about a month later, full-page ads, paid for by the city, appeared in the bus shelters along the same street, promoting the planting of trees because of their importance to the ecosystem in the city of Toronto! This is psychopathic behaviour.

It’s madness. Our beautiful ravines are under threat. Like many people, I love trees and forests. The loss of these trees makes me feel sick to my stomach, sad, furious and depressed.

It really is the time of the Orcs. God help us. Where is Thoreau when we need him.


  1. We had a huge Norway maple in our front yard, probably much more than 50 years old and finally had to let it go. The ice storm and its age was too much and the tree person who came said that the canopy was not enough to draw up nutrients any more and as it dwindled, the entire tree was losing strength and posed a danger. During the ice storm the tree lost a number of huge branches. No amount of love could save it and we did love that tree. The people who cut the tree, ground up the stump so there was nothing to poison and planted a young tree in the rich compost a year later which was watered by the city since it was on city property and it is now thriving. In a few more years it will take off and quickly become a glorious tree. I don’t know what will happen to trees or children and their teachers or hospitals during Ford’s reign of ignorance but hopefully, it will be short lived and Toronto and Ontario will get back to loving its glorious canopies, beautiful children and suffering citizens. Meanwhile..the fast growing trees are not the longest lasting. Good and courageous to mourn.
    PS. It is always a time for orcs. Trees will win. We will win.

  2. This is great! And also very sad… Had to share this one on facebook.

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