Cancel Culture

The world is on a very scary path when financial ruin awaits those who have different opinions. It’s okay not to like Don Cherry. Before the hysterical cry baby culture took over, you would just change the channel.


  1. Amen!!! Heather, I so fear for us. This new culture will be the ones caring for us as we age. Scary scary thought.

  2. As I see it. This is a very sensitive time for many people who are fleeing evil the world over. Let’s not add to that evil. I’ve never enjoyed listening to Don Cherry but would never had demanded he be fired even though we only had one channel. Many people got a kick out of his abusive and uncivil show biz persona and he made a good living. But he went too far devaluating ‘them’ and valuing ‘us’ and we must not now tolerate ANY influencial approval to feed our lower natures which are part of our unconscious, fearful survival gear. This is not cry baby, it is civilization. We can miss the slow erosion of our compassion and integrity and people must speak up and stand up or it will all be gone and we too will have to flee evil and hope to find sanctuary in loving kindness….somewhere. Don Cherry made lots and is rich and there will be a museum someday of his suit jackets. I might even go.

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