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It is Mathematically Impossible to Eliminate the Virus

Perhaps someone could help me understand something. Since the entire world population cannot be locked down, there will always potentially be someone with the virus.

I have already posted about the number of cases in February at 64,000 was no cause for concern by the WHO.

What number do we have to reach to end the quarantine which is really wrecking the world economy? How does the WHO decide it’s okay to go to work again? If one person still has the virus, is the risk still there?

What is the end game? I can’t find any information about how they will decide how to manage the risk. Even if there are no new cases reported, there will still be thousands who have the virus who are waiting to heal or die. Does the world have to wait for all the cases in the world to be resolved? If one new case appears, does the lockdown continue forever? Is Vision Zero being applied to the virus? I can’t find any logical explanation for any of this – just fear, panic and incoherent explanations.

Too bad the stock market crashed. I could have used the money for a flight to Mars.

Breaking News from Loblaws

Because I have an Optimum card, I get emails from Loblaws. Galen Weston had this to say this morning:

“We will close immediately if we are informed of a colleague testing positive. We know communities consider us an essential service right now, but we ask for your patience as we will remain closed for as long as it takes to deep-clean, or on the advice of public health.”

Better to starve to death than die of the virus.

Testing positive is meaningless without an indication of the severity. What about false positives? I’ll say it again – most cases are MILD. Contagious doesn’t mean death. The seasonal flu is contagious and people die.

If the virus is proving hard to kill, democracy on the other hand is showing itself to be quite susceptible to death by contagion.

Not Just Toilet Paper

There are a few other items that might be a good idea to have on hand:

Vitamin C for the immune system. It gets depleted from stress and has to be replenished.

Vitamin D-3 is also recommended. Even though the hours of sunlight are increasing, they are still low. Canada has the highest incidence of MS and some research indicates it might be due to low levels of D-3.

Oil of Oregano is an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antibiotic. About a decade ago, my royal consort cured his pneumonia with it when antibiotics had failed.

Pain and fever reducers like Advil, etc. And don’t run out of toothpaste.

Colloidal Silver is a great disinfectant. You can gargle with it, use it for eye infections, wash wounds, disinfect cutting boards, etc.

Proteins and fats instead of pasta and potato chips. Nut butters are highly recommended.

A Himalayan salt inhaler is good for your airways if you get a cough. You can buy them on Amazon.

And a bottle of wine and an eye dropper if severe rationing happens.

It’s the Randomness of it All

I added a new category for this blog. Drumroll – it’s called COVID-19.

The virus has the potential to kill everybody on earth. So we better shut down everything except grocery stores, pharmacies…and Canadian Tire…

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