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Insanity is The New Normal

I wish I could claim this as an original thought, but I found it on my new favourite financial website:

Like him, I typically don’t subscribe to mainstream thought, and I love his sarcastic “everyone is a moron” narrative, with brilliant phrases like:

“The Dow Jones Illusional Average.”

“Mass bullsh*t has substituted for everything real.”

“It’s hard to feel normal when you have to prep for surgery in order to go shopping.”

“This is an economic depression in which people tell themselves it’s a pandemic.”

So in keeping with the title of this blog, let’s sum up 2020 so far, shall we:

Biblical locust plagues in East Africa, India and Iran.

Heatwaves in the Arctic Circle.

Real economy destroyed, stock markets higher.

Deregulation for the Banksters! “The changes, set to take effect on Oct. 1, will make it easier for big banks to devote more of their resources to investments in venture capital funds and other vehicles—the kind of risky speculation that sent the entire U.S. financial system into a tailspin in 2008.”

5G is being rolled out and nobody knows how or if it will affect insects, birds, trees, and other mammals including us.

Plandemic with a totally incoherent narrative.

Threat of negative interest rates.

Twitter censored a video by Project Veritas warning about TECH CENSORSHIP.

Real risk of being fired for having a different opinion.

It hasn’t rained much, if you haven’t noticed.

Judgement is in the air.

Nobody notices. Nobody cares.

Have a nice day.

Masks – Not Just for Halloween and Bank Robbers

Another area of contentious disagreement. Are masks a “Magic force field muzzle-veil of submission” or something to save your life until Bill Gates can vaccinate the universe?

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Breaking news:

Covid Satire

Covid Memes

Some of them are funny. Click on the link below.

True Believers and Dissidents – Never the Twain Shall Meet

Lessons Learned in Lockdown

Doing a workout and brushing my teeth feel like they require the same amount of effort.

Kraft Dinner with fried Spam and lit candles is a fancy dinner.

I have too many clothes. Playing dress-up would fill up some time, but because of stress eating, nothing fits.

A screen is a poor substitute for a human being. The reverse is also true.

When governments say the shutdown is to protect us, it sometimes feels the same as destroying us.

I will never take truckers for granted again.

Grocery store line ups are better than bread lines.

Hitler showed he was a keen observer of human nature when he said “What luck for rulers, that men do not think.”

Canada’s Food Guide should include alcohol.

Most jobs are pointless. Only about 3 really matter.

Should wireless debit machines be issued to the homeless to protect them from cash?

Introverts haven’t really noticed that anything has changed.

I’m Tired

Thinking for yourself is hard. Believing what you’re told is easy.

The responses to my Covid questioning blogs are very low, so I don’t want to waste your time.

If any of my readers are interested in alternatives views of these strange days, here are a few websites:

Or quotes by people like Hannah Arendt who lived through Facism. Or quotes by Goebbels who helped build it.

If not, just enjoy CNN and Netflix. The world will go on regardless of what we believe.

Happy Easter and enjoy the Spring. Now is the time to rediscover simple pleasures.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

A famous American said that for a good reason.

In 2017, FIFTY-SIX MILLION people died around the world. It cost you nothing.

Eighty thousand people have died from Covid-19. And it cost:

  • Millions of jobs
  • Loss of culture
  • Loss of sports
  • Loss of live entertainment
  • Loss of freedom to shop
  • Loss of religious freedom
  • Loss of mental health
  • Loss of education
  • Loss of social interaction
  • Loss of enjoyment of nature
  • Loss of most things you would consider a normal life

Every day your civil liberties are being shredded.

For what?

Maybe this is part of the reason.

Sunday With Sisson

Mark Sisson has some wise words from his newsletter today:

“Hey, folks. Happy Sunday. Hope you’re well. With everything that’s going on in the world and the country and the state and our children’s schools, normalcy appears to be dead. We’re two or three weeks into this thing, and it’s beginning to dawn on us that things are going to be weird and different for a while. Everything is changing. Little is as it once was.  Well, not everything. 

The one constant is you. Your mind. Your resolve. Your motivation. Your decisions. Your habits. This isn’t going to be easy, but it’s imperative that you stay true to yourself and maintain your mission, your healthy lifestyle, and your commitment to physical health.  Not just because staying healthy will make you more resilient in the face of an immune challenge, but also because personal health will make you more resilient in the face of any challenge that comes your way. And I suspect we will all be dealing with challenges, regardless of how this all plays out. That’s the way life goes: it’s a series of challenges.  

 So keep pushing. Keep doing the right thing. Keep lifting those heavy things, eating healthy meals, going for walks, stimulating your mind, and loving your loved ones. Maintain your social circle, even if it’s not in person. Call, or even FaceTime your parents and grandparents and kids. Pet your dogs, your cats.  Maintain normalcy amidst the chaos, and see the chaos dwindle in importance. 

 How are you staying true to yourself and your mission these days?”

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