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A New Fashion Accessory

I just got a new one this morning – A FRICKEN CAST!

There was a 20 minute snow squall yesterday which laid down a tiny blanket of satan snow, which nicely covered an invisible 2 foot square patch of satan ice on the driveway.

I was putting some broken pieces of wood behind the shed, that the moron snowplow driver had smashed on our boulevard, and I slipped and fell and broke my right wrist! I have no patience for being sick or injured. And I’m right-handed, so all posts for the next 6 weeks will be short, but they always are so that won’t change. What will change is figuring out how to do things with one hand, like applying deodorant on the left armpit. Horrible.


Agatha Christie, whose husband was an archaeologist, said 
that was the perfect profession for one's spouse: "The older you 
become, the more interested they are in you."

Mentalpause and Andropause

About ten years ago, the analgesic properties that my brain had been providing to my body for 50 years just stopped working. Estrogen being the faithful delivery person had now gone on strike. But this strike did not end peacefully. It ended like the Carnegie Pennsylvania Steel strike. The ovaries have been shot – they’re not coming back to work.

Here’s the title of my new book on menopause:

Is it Hot in Here, And Why Are You Such an Idiot ?

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