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Dark Humour has some pretty funny memes and random pictures:

Childhood Ego States

We can usually find something from our childhood memories to make us happy, even if some of it wasn’t all joy and roses.

Realizing I needed to exercise to burn up some of the cortisol from stress, I put on an unusual workout CD. (Yes, I still have a ghetto blaster).

It is Walt Disney’s Children’s Favourite Songs Volume 1. The smile never left my face as I listened to This Old Man (Knick-Knack, Patty-Whack); I’ve Been Working on the Railroad; Three Blind Mice; Oh, Susanna; Home on the Range; Mary Had a Little Lamb; Old MacDonald; The Hokey Pokey; She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Pop! Goes the Weasel; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; In the Good Old Summertime, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

It was so nice to remember songs I haven’t thought about in years, and to sing along with old-fashioned innocence!

iTunes for Movies

Years ago, I said to my royal consort and brother that I wished there was some way to buy individual songs instead of albums which had a bunch of tunes I was not interested in. They both scoffed at my idea and said it could never happen because record companies would never be able to sort out the royalties. So in a way, I invented iTunes.

The problem with comedies is, even though they are funny, the scenes that make me laugh are few and far between. Kind of like having an album with only one great song. I wish there was a way to gather together the scenes from movies that make me laugh out loud. It wouldn’t be out of context because I’ve seen the movies. I could just relive the hilarious parts. These are some of the things that would be on my reel:

From Anger Management – the scene with clothing for cats.

From Dick and Jane – the scene where Jim Carrey pretends he’s a puppet.

From Keeping the Faith – the scene with the Karaoke salesman

From Tommy Boy – the scene with Chris Farley and the CEO

From Neighbours – when the neighbour asks “You gotta whore in there?”

This little exercise might be a bit of relief from the current madness – think about things that made you laugh. Look them up on YouTube and share them with others.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Enjoy a Guinness with a side of potatoes!

Sentences I Find Amusing

This egg tastes like it came out of the rear end of a chicken.

Troy McClure’s self help videos from The Simpsons: “Smoke Yourself Thin” and “Get Confident Stupid.”

Two decorative pillows: “I’d Rather be 40 than Pregnant” and “Don’t Confuse Endurance for Hospitality.”

Dental x-rays cover your groin but leave your brain exposed.

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have film.

I am a risk taker. I’ve got scorpions in my underwear as we speak.

If the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.

Domestic dyslexia: clutter is seen as decor.

It’s hard to wear vintage when you are vintage.

England – a country where the word ’emotional’ is used to indicate a personality defect.

Corona Virus Humour

What’s the official drink of the Covid-19 pandemic?

A Quarantini. It’s like a martini, but you drink it by yourself.

Alternative Word Definitions

A friend sent this in. I think you will like the cleverness and wit:

Merry Christmas From TFO!

Got this from a friend – a nice thing to say at dinner:

Bless the food before us,
the people beside us,
and the love between us.

(P.S. Today is my birthday, and yes, I get ripped off.)

Christmas Eve and Scrooge

The ghosts visited Scrooge on Christmas Eve, so if you are feeling kinda sour, there is still time for a renovation of your heart. Here are some nice quotes to get you un-Grinched.

And, find time to watch some of the films with a heart: A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim; Charlie Brown Christmas; It’s A Wonderful Life; A Christmas Story; White Christmas; The Polar Express; The Honeymooners Christmas Special and the original animated Grinch -not the horrible Jim Carrey version.

Two Prayers For The Holidays

Blessed Be Your Holidays,

Cozy Be Your Hearth,

Merry Be Your Family,

Peaceful Be Your Heart.

a celtic prayer

God grant me the senility
To forget the people
I never liked anyway,
The good fortune
To run into the ones I do,
And the eyesight
To tell the difference.

...Anonymous (or did I just forget?)

Thanks to Rob and Teresa for the submission.

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