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Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones

Some have referred to them as the satanic ten commandments.

Have a look. If you dare.

Atheism A La Carte

Like the trend forecaster Gerald Celente, I am a political atheist. I don’t believe in politicians.

However, it is always an amusing spectacle of liars accusing other liars of lying.

Somebody said that election primaries are just the puppet masters test marketing the puppets. The final candidates are more test marketing to find the most convincing liar. And voila – the winner.

They always lie. Why do you waste your time listening to them? Join the political atheists, it’s so liberating. No more wasting brain cells listening to them. No more anger at their broken promises. No more engaging in fruitless discussions. When you don’t participate – nothing happens. The political machinery carries on as always, and really, it seems to be more Corporatocracy than Democracy. Our part in it has probably always been a fiction – it’s rule by the rich and we are not oligarchs or plutocrats.

Try it. The next time someone asks you about your political affiliations, say “I’m a political atheist. I don’t believe in politicians.” You won’t miss arguing about it, and your blood pressure will thank you.

Wearing White

To my knowledge, this advice has never appeared in any magazine or article about fashion. My youthful, white, Pepsodent smile is no more. And I didn’t even take Tetracycline as a teenager. It’s just aging.

So I had to remove all the white articles of clothing and jewellery from my closet and donate them. The contrast to the teeth was just too much. Try it yourself – hold up a piece of white paper to your mouth and you will see what I mean. I predict a donation deluge of white earrings and t-shirts to the Salvation Army Thrift Shops. And then a mad rush to the stores to purchase new fashion items in the colour of old ivory piano keys.

If you have amazing genetics and pearly whites, feel free to ignore this advice.

I’m not going to waste money whitening my teeth. Now that I’m a writer, I will just wait until I get liver disease and jaundice, so then the whites of my eyes will match the colour of my teeth.

Wounds From a Friend

For various reasons, our herd of friends undergoes a natural thinning over the years like our hair.

Sometimes it was because they asked us for our opinion, and we thought they wanted the truth, so we told them, and they were hurt and angry and left us.

The following is from an article written by Poh Fang Chia, where she also quotes from Proverbs 27:6 – Wounds from a friend can be trusted:

“Charles Lowery complained to his friend about lower back pain. He was seeking a sympathetic ear, but what he got was an honest assessment. His friend told him, “I don’t think your back pain is your problem; it’s your stomach. Your stomach is so big it’s pulling on your back.” Charles resisted the temptation to be offended. He lost the weight and his back problem went away.”

“The trouble is that so often we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism, for truth hurts. It bruises our ego, makes us uncomfortable, and calls for change. True friends don’t find pleasure in hurting us. Rather, they love us too much to deceive us. They are people who, with loving courage, point out what we may already know but find hard to truly accept and live by. They tell us not only what we like to hear but also what we need to hear. “

Perhaps it is time to reconsider our opinion of those ‘annoying’ friends. If we have been living on a diet of deceitful flattery, maybe we should taste test the fruits of beneficial truth once in a while.

If Fitbit was a Blog

7:00 a.m Time to get up your eyes have dried up overnight use the artificial tears scoop the litter box feed the cat put the dishes away don’t forget your toast and tea and the fifteen vitamins you missed vitamin D it’s winter you know feed the cat the real chicken and tuna too you know that commercial cat food is crap the garbage is full the bird feeder is empty the downstairs litter is dirty remember to meditate do the thymus thump for your stress you are using the computer a lot so remember to blink your eyes are dry again do those reflexology points for your health the cat needs to play you haven’t phoned your friend in a while give your husband a hug learn something clean something finish something book the appointment with the bookkeeper the dishes are dirty mail’s here pay the bills you’re not going to wear that are you do your exercise all of it stretching cardio abs the cat is howling the yard is a mess you don’t have anything for dinner that white plate is stained go downstairs get the bleach go back downstairs put the bleach back take the laundry downstairs the shower curtain is dirty the candles need to be replaced the book is overdue at the library fill the Berkey downstairs again for paper towels remove the cat hair with the lint remover somebody is at the door the lightbulb has burned out reset the clock vacuum and steam clean the hardwood you haven’t laughed lately it’s good for your health exercise those eye muscles you forgot to drink more water.

8:00 a.m.

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