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What’s New Pussycat?

Listening to The Best of Tom Jones while exercising, I found myself break into a huge smile when What’s New Pussycat started playing. It’s just so weird and cute, I couldn’t help myself. Plus I love cats.

The ability to experience spontaneous joy should never be lost.

My royal consort chose You You You You You by Stephin Merritt and Katharine Whalen, from an obscure CD called The 6ths: Hyacinths and Thistles. Every time we play this at supper, he points at me with a smile on his face and chimes in with the You You You You You chorus.

So right now, without even hearing it, what song immediately puts a genuine smile on your face?

If you can’t think of any, check your pulse, you might be dead.

Do You Have a Nepenthe?

Something from your childhood. When you felt lost or afraid or sad, what comforted you? It usually holds a feeling of innocence. Do you still have the beloved item? Childhood ego states stay with us – your nepenthe will comfort you now in a powerful way.

My royal consort bought me a teddy bear over thirty years ago. The bear is a great comfort.

I’m a purger so I threw almost everything out. Even though I don’t miss most of the thousand things I got rid of, I do wish I still had the iconic blue bottle of the perfume An Evening in Paris. And the Violet Kiddle Cologne. And the Avon cream perfume that came in the little screw top ceramic basket of peaches.

What comes to your minds eye that you wish you still had?

Perhaps you might want to peruse eBay to see if it is there – looking for you.

What mash up are you?

Alexander Woollcott was one of the witty founders of the famed Algonquin Round Table. He famously described that other great wit, Dorothy Parker, as a “Combination of Little Nell and Lady Macbeth”. I love it.

So I asked my royal consort what his mashup would be. After thinking about it for about five seconds, he said “Christopher Robin and Vlad the Impaler”.

Mine is Jane Eyre and The Blackthorn Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker.

Now its your turn. Which two fictional characters describe the essence of your being? Your light and shadow. Your secret self.

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