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Aunty Em Syndrome

She wanted so badly to tell Miss Gulch what she really thought of her, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

I can relate.

Here are a few things that have swirled in my head over the years about people who resemble Grendel:

"You emotionless, black hearted, greedy, evil prick."
Me - "Only the good die young."
Them - "What do you mean by that?"
Me - "That you're alive and my mom is dead."
"You were obviously suffering from decision fatigue when you chose your wife."
"You are a bastard, and you work for the antichrist, and you decorate with demons."
Them - "What effing charm school did you go to?"
Me - "I didn't need to go to charm school. That's for snakes like you."
"The more you drink, the more your monologues are marathons of hari kari inducing boredom."
"If stupidity was a disease, you would have been dead 60 years ago."
"You're not a family. You're an immune system suppressant."

At funerals, I never understand when people say that the deceased “never had a bad word to say about anybody.” I’ve never met anyone who was deserving of endless praise. I guess all the anger towards the idiots those people met in life just got buried into passive-aggressive rage. So nice on the outside, but so toxic within from unexpressed anger.

We are all products of our mental circuitry. Too bad some people didn’t get better electricians.

Emotional Abandonment

Cyberspace removes the checks and balances which moderate social life. Face to face interactions restrain many behaviours – we wouldn’t say it to their face, because seeing the impact our words have is often enough to curtail cruelty. I hope the masks and seclusion and screen life doesn’t make us meaner.

“Electronic communication without the opportunity for visual signs, will cause more confused understanding and inferred meanings. The visual channel does not exist.”

Dr. Albert Mehrabian – silent messages

In emotional abandonment, there is the trauma of invisibility. The masks have taken away our unique self. It feels like being in an abusive relationship with the world. Our emotional needs to be listened to and understood, to be nurtured, appreciated, valued and accepted, are currently on hold.

Grief is the natural process of coming to terms with the way things actually are now, compared to the way they were.

One cure for grief is motion and dopamine. Apparently, if you move your body and keep busy, you can tone your mood. There is so much loss and pain right now, and the above suggestion might be the equivalent of taking a baby aspirin, but it’s better than nothing.

Are You Having Weird Dreams?

Weirder than usual? I certainly am.

There is a theory that the purpose of dreaming is to discard the emotional load from the day – to clear the plate of your mind so you don’t go insane.

So the turtles, the strange houses, the swimming in a hot tub, the estranged relatives that are showing up in my dreams are somehow helping to cope with stress.

Stockholm Syndrome

A small percentage of the world’s population thinks that we are being lied to on a massive scale and that the covid plandemic is economic and psychological terrorism, which is quickly developing into world totalitarianism.

The majority of people believe that the destruction of life as we know it is to protect us. Even though death rates have been exaggerated, computer models have been wildly inaccurate, and economies are now regulated by international authorities, effectively removing independence and individual liberty. Perhaps this is at work in the minds of the majority:

Stockholm syndrome¬†has been defined as a condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity.[1]¬†Emotional bonds may be formed, between captor and captives, during intimate time together, but these are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.”

A friend of mine has tested positive. As he says “I know I’ve got the virus because my sense of smell has been affected, and I smell bullsh*t.”

We All Need Clarity in Confusing Times

Click on the link below.


If you fall into the above category, you probably won’t like this post.

If you’re not a scaredy-cat, you might like the following article.

What Does the Word SAFE Mean to You?

One of the many slogans of the Covid era is ‘Stay Safe’. But as Dennis Prager points out, ‘Until it’s safe, means never’.

Since nothing in life is 100% safe, what percentage of safety are you looking for? And how will you know when you have achieved it – 80,000 active cases, or 5?

Theoretically, even if one person had the virus, we could still catch it and die. But until now, nobody lived in fear of the ‘one’.

Complete safety is unachievable, so why can’t we open up the economy now?

As I have said before, it is mathematically impossible to reduce the virus to zero. When will you know it’s okay to give someone a hug again – when the government says it’s okay? They say you can’t go golfing, but Barak Obama did. You can’t get your hair cut, but the Mayor of Chicago can.

It would take courage to change the slogan from Stay Safe to Fight Back, but courage is always in short supply in a culture of fear.

New Facts and Your Brain

A research study out of Berkley has confirmed that new evidence and new facts rarely change someone’s mind. It is because the brain accepts the first few bits of information, and then decides to discard anything that challenges those beliefs. I guess that’s why most people believe CNN, and distrust independent journalism. The mainstream media got into your brain first, so they win the information war.

New facts don’t matter to most people. It’s actually quite terrifying.

I could show you all kinds of new information about how the numbers of deaths from Covid are exaggerated, and how John Roberts at a White House briefing said the fatalities are no higher than the flu.

Here are a couple of links, from the hundreds available, that I know you won’t take the time to look at. Because the Berkley study is correct – we are cowheads and feel safer believing what the majority believes.

Here is the White House briefing clip – from the 2 minute mark to the 4:30 minute mark:

The Bible says that in the last days God will send a strong delusion so that men will believe a lie. It doesn’t seem like it’s necessary. Your brain naturally does it for you.

Tired of All the Depressing Virus News?

Let’s talk about something uplifting.


They have a talent for reading people, and sizing them up quickly. Using “affinity fraud”, they carefully assess your persona, then feed you three messages:

I like who you are. I am just like you. Your secrets are safe with me.

Being consummate liars, they often adopt a parasitic existence, living off the generosity or gullibility of others. They are without conscience and are incapable of true empathy, guilt or loyalty to anyone but themselves.

They are very sincere. Except they’re not. Unfortunately, they often do not display the usual symptoms of mental illness, but instead seem normal. At first.

The cracks of their deceit and control eventually begin to show. And if you are meticulous in challenging your own thoughts and ideas, you can spare yourself from being the prey of these invisible predators.

Here is a classic tip for good mental hygeine:

If the reason you are given doesn’t make sense, it’s because it isn’t the reason. You are being deceived.


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