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Cancel Culture

The world is on a very scary path when financial ruin awaits those who have different opinions. It’s okay not to like Don Cherry. Before the hysterical cry baby culture took over, you would just change the channel.

Hydro Robbery

Inflation in Canada is running at 2.2 %.

Sure it is.

The news about the new hydro rates claims that our bills are going up $2.00 a month, which is right in line with inflation. Great news!

Until you notice that the Time-Of-Use pricing has gone up 40% from the rates in May. So if you don’t use any hydro, your bill will only go up by the fictitious rate of inflation.

By the way, property taxes are going up 10%, not 2.2%.

Who can stop these thieving liars?

No Safe Spaces

This looks promising.

It’s a documentary about the attacks on free speech. And if freedom of speech doesn’t interest you, be prepared for the gulag.

Check out the trailer here.

Remember, bigotry is a noun > intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

It cuts both ways.

Holy Accusers

We were at the Stratford Festival (in Ontario, not England) last week to see the brilliant play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. It is about the Salem witch trials, and it was written when Miller had seen the effects of the Senator McCarthy Red Scare hearings.

Craig Walker wrote in the program notes:

“But what is the meaning of The Crucible here and now? Naturally, audiences can make up their own minds about this. In recent years, the phrase “witch hunt” has been used in a wide variety of contexts, some clearly more appropriate than others. But what seems painfully relevant is the stark partisanship of the current cultural tone, one in which disagreements in politics, on social media, and even in universities, are ever more frequently framed in a simplistic binary of good versus evil. With such stakes, no real differences of opinion about anything important can be tolerated. One must conform or be an outcast. Perhaps fearfulness is the cause of such absolutism; tyranny almost always justifies itself as a necessary response to imminent threat. Whatever the cause, the ultimate result can be a poisonous stew of sanctimoniousness, viciousness, and blame-shifting. The protagonist John Proctor’s rhetorical question rings out: “Is the accuser always holy now? Were they born this morning as clean as God’s fingers?”

Something to think about the next time a person’s livelihood is ruined by unproven accusations via the HUAC of our day – the #MeToo movement.

Cultural Appropriation Madness

I had tickets for the opera Turandot today. In an email from the Canadian Opera Company, I learned that they had hired a “consultant” to deal with the made-up problems of cultural appropriation in the opera.

The oriental characters of Ping, Pang and Pong have been renamed Jim, Bob and Bill, so as not to offend.

The world, in my opinion, has gone stark raving mad.

Halloween is coming, so to avoid the SJW hysteria, everyone should go naked.


You can read more about it here.

What To Do With the Surplus

The industrial world needs a place for the surplus garbage.

The developing world needs a place for the surplus population.

The greedy world continues to extract raw materials at an alarming rate.

The sane world knows you cannot have infinite growth in a finite universe.

The stupid world displays bumper stickers that proclaim “My Canada Includes Everybody” by pretending that the 5 billion destitute of the world should settle in Toronto. It is lived density that determines the quality of life.

The thinking world would like immigration policies to be tied to economic realities, not political ideologies.

A responsible world would limit their population, thus limiting the garbage, thus limiting the extraction. But that is not the case, so the oceans fill up with garbage and the cities fill up with people, and no one knows how to slow it down.

Information Famine

The intellectual is caught between the conflicting demands of truth and power.

They seek to discern the truth, to tell it and to oppose injustice and oppression.

They are lonely creatures, disregarded and defiled because it seems that most people prefer to live in denial.

There is a line from the movie The Big Short:

“Truth is like poetry. And most people f***ing hate poetry.”

Just look at what happens to whistle blowers. In this upside down world, the criminals go free and good people feel powerless to stop them. World history is an endless series of events – some good, some horrific. Perhaps I’m selfish, but I prefer to live in the times where the pendulum has swung back to justice and freedom.

Gender Fluidity

A friend sent a screen shot of a job application from a major bank. There were at least 13 choices for gender and 9 choices for preferred pronoun.

Why stop there?

“To codify self-perceptions as protected traits requires that the rule of law give way to as many different interpretations of perceptions as there are people perceiving and being perceived. Such Orwellian distortions of language always serve as recipes for tyranny. They become halls of smoke and mirrors that breed more ambiguity and confusion. It requires us to do away with any common acceptance of reality. This is a very hazardous path. It doesn’t lead to justice and it doesn’t lead to liberty for all. Ambiguity in the law cannot help but breed corruption. Such laws are bound to be enforced entirely at the whim of whatever bureaucratic clique rules the day.”

We seem to be living in a post-Christian era, so maybe the whole thing is about the dividing line in a belief in God. Do you line up with ‘male and female He created them’ or the current ‘whatever I feel is now true – where what is immutable in biology becomes mutable in the political arena.’

“Desecration is a kind of defence against the sacred, an attempt to destroy its claims. In the presence of sacred things our lives are judged and in order to escape that judgement we destroy the thing that seems to accuse us.”

roger scruton

The media presents it as a very polarized subject, but that might not be true. It could be that a very vocal minority is getting all the airplay. Here is a view from the Christian side:

“When a nations moral rebellion comes down to this level of confusion, we are already in big trouble. A society that can’t distinguish between men and women is not likely to find moral clarity in any other area of life. The demands that society accommodate such absurd personal delusions are becoming more aggressive.”

albert Mohler

Someone once said that you can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own truth.

But the powerful arguments of postmodern skepticism have a seat at the philosophical table, and they do not accept meta narratives like a Christian world view.

So it’s an eternal boxing match between subjective and objective reality. And after all the rounds fought in the history of the world, the ring announcer has never been able to name a winner. So it goes.

The full article from the quote about codifying self perceptions is here.

Fun With Word Substitution

(The names have been changed to protect the guilty.)

Drug Company ‘A’ hired C.W., a medical communications (propaganda) company to write up (fabricate) up to 30 articles on HRT for publication in respected medical journals (propaganda). For one study C.W. billed (was handed a suitcase of unmarked bills) for $25,000.00.

C.W.’s job was to prepare (fabricate) medical articles (advertisements) and then recruit (bribe) an (lying, so-called) expert in the field to review the work (pretend to be impartial) and put their name on the top, claiming (pretending) to be the author. The articles would then be submitted (with a bribe) for publication to a respected (secretly owned by the drug companies) journal which would be unaware (completely aware) of C.W.’s role (complicity).

Drug Company ‘A’ has admitted to (was caught in the act) the practice (con) and company spokesman (spin doctor) saying the articles were scientifically sound (completely fabricated) and subject to rigorous review (completely ignored). Three years ago Drug Company ‘A’ began including experts (paid shills) earlier in the writing process (fabrication) and acknowledging its payments (getting caught) and the use of hired writers (professional liars) to compose the articles (fairy tales). An ethics professor (psychopath) at Ryerson school of nursing (prolonged suffering) says (was paid to say) ghostwriting (fabrication) makes for dangerous medicine (tons of money).

…was struck by how up front (completely lying) the (fiction) writers were about their role in marketing drugs, at the same time remaining confident (knew other drug companies would hire them) that they were doing nothing ethically wrong (on the take) since their work was rooted in (junk) science. They believe they are (know exactly that all they are doing is) providing a valuable service (enriching the coffers of Big Pharma by lying to keep people perpetually sick).

The Eternal I Disagree

I can’t think of two words that describe the human condition more than these. We rarely get through a day without experiencing it. You might disagree.

Take the case of whistleblowers and truth tellers like Julian Assange. The anti-Assange presstitutes are all contriving to obtain, in the opinion of the public, the advantage of probability. His recent arrest has been met with a litany of ‘I disagree’ opinions. We either don’t know who he is, or we don’t care, or we are rejoicing, or we are horrified (put me firmly in the horrified camp).

“The truly terrible thing is that everybody has their reasons.”

Jean renoir

It bothers us when others don’t see things our way. We can’t understand it. Have you ever been able to argue anyone into changing their mind? Not many, if any. Dale Carnegie agrees. In How To Win Friends and Influence People, he says you can’t win an argument, because even if you triumph over them, and shoot their argument full of holes, you will only have succeeded in making them feel inferior.

I didn’t take this advice sitting down. How, I wondered to myself, will the world ever get any smarter if you cannot challenge an opinion?

I think I just answered my own question.

(The horrified can read more here).

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