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For Conspiracy Buffs Only

There is so much online for people who like to indulge in alternative theories. Here’s a three minute clip from the movie V for Vendetta:

I Feel Like I Live in Two Worlds

Like in the movie the Matrix. There is the normal world of your house, friends, restaurants, gardens, exercise, making dinner, shopping, feeding your pet, listening to music, talking on the phone, doing laundry, paying bills, going to a play, enjoying your hobbies and your family, etc.

Then there is the other world, outside of our conscious awareness, because it doesn’t get talked about in the media. But there is a big rabbit hole of weirdness that exists in the world: CERN, the International Space Station, Snolab, Ronan Farrow’s Black Cube Chronicles, Haarp, Google Black Lists revealed by Zach Voirhies, The Sanford Underground Research Facility, the Norway Doomsday Vault, the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, DeepFakes, Predictive Programming, Shadow Banning, a $60 trillion dollar credit default swap problem, Darpa, The Dark Web, The Iceland Bitcoin Theft, Artificial Blood, huge surveillance systems like Semptian and Aegis, Dark Matter – the list is endless – and quite chilling.

What is it for? What is the purpose of all the experiments? Who is so desperate to track everyone? Why do all the things I mentioned above exist, but bear no relation to everyday life? What’s going on in the world? What are they looking for?

Have You Ever Heard of WAMI

Georgina Orwell here, bringing you all the news that you never see printed.

Your Social Credit Score

You will like this if you believe “If you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear.”

You will not like this if you remember that the yardstick for measuring “wrong” things is elastic and changes with the whim of the powerful.

Out of Thin Air, Into Thin Air

In 1923 the money in The Weimar Republic became worthless due to hyperinflation. The same thing happened in France around 1796.

A fiat currency is what most of the world has. It is little pieces of paper, backed by nothing except our belief in little pieces of paper. Sometimes referred to as toilet paper money, it can be created out of thin air by central and private banks. The opposite of a fiat currency is one backed by something like gold. We used to have this.

A few billionaires think it might evaporate again. Do they know something we don’t? About a quarter way down in the attached article, the billionaires ask a media theorist (who they hired at great expense and flew to a secret location) how they will pay their security forces after ‘The Event’, once money becomes worthless.

Strange days indeed. They don’t seem to be joking.

A Bizarre Celebration

In 2016, the longest tunnel in the world was completed to much fanfare.

The Swiss spent millions on the opening ceremonies, which are either very creative or quite strange. Some commentators see an occult connection.

I don’t have TV so I’m not sure if this was on the major networks when it took place. I have included one link if you are curious.

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