Christmas Eve and Scrooge

The ghosts visited Scrooge on Christmas Eve, so if you are feeling kinda sour, there is still time for a renovation of your heart. Here are some nice quotes to get you un-Grinched.

And, find time to watch some of the films with a heart: A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim; Charlie Brown Christmas; It’s A Wonderful Life; A Christmas Story; White Christmas; The Polar Express; The Honeymooners Christmas Special and the original animated Grinch -not the horrible Jim Carrey version.


  1. Too late…I’m curdled. The good thing is that it will be over in two days…three counting this one. However for those who are energized by the Christmas spirit…have merry (the 6 of you) and heart warming celebrations…especially sporting candy cane art. Would the hotel puree your food? 6? Two humans, two cats and two teddy bears. But who knows how many more in the house of magicians.

    • TFO

      December 24, 2019 at 1:49 pm

      There are many more that get to join in and wear official Christmas scarves – a plush raven, 2 more bears named Claude and Otis, Mr. BearCat, a plush possum, Elmo the Cabbage patch doll, the Velveteen rabbit, plush Tom Kitten, etc. – no stuffed animal ever leaves this house. I’m surrounded! There’s no escape!
      But they seem to enjoy the Christmas Season – Hope all of you do too.

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