Christmas Follows Labour Day

In my world, that seems to be the case. Time speeds up – Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, then Christmas, in what feels like 3 weeks.

And you know what that means – the cold and flu season will soon be upon us, and I think we need to call for a ban on patterned Kleenex.

Not all of them of course. The Sniff brand have very delightful illustrations, and an unexpected funny image on a tissue can make a sad person smile.

But save us from the shock and worry of the multiple nosebleeds we didn’t have – it was just the damn red pattern on the Kleenex from an innocent nose blowing episode.

If you do happen to get a real nose bleed, here is a cure from Spring Forest Qigong. Open your fingers and hold your hands above your head, making sure your elbows are above your shoulders. If blood is coming out from our right nostril, raise your left hand. If blood is coming out from your left nostril, raise your right hand. If blood is coming out from both nostrils, raise both hands. A good thing to teach kids too.


  1. Interesting- thank you

  2. The cold/flu season is already here. I have it. My Mike had it, and so did several friends. Let’s hope that’s it for the season. I agree about the patterned tissues. On another related note: don’t ever buy anything with the brand name Kleenex because they clear cut forests. I read about it once and what really stuck is that they had written Kleercut in the same way as the brand name. Now every time I see it at the store I am reminded. I get the yellow brand mostly now.

  3. Yes…Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas all in three weeks. But why is Easter a year away and Victoria day 6 years away? Canada Day never comes and then…it’s Labour Day! I’m postponing Christmas this year until the rest of the years catch up.

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