Eat The Season

In the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin, he screamed: “The new phone book’s here!” Well, in culinary terms, farmers are shouting “The asparagus is here!”

The concept of Eat the Season is that it is healthier to eat produce when it is harvested locally, instead of produce that is grown and shipped from thousands of miles away. This isn’t always possible, but I like to take advantage of it when it is -basically from spring to fall.

So right now, asparagus is on the menu. And right through to the end of the growing season, whatever the local farmers bring to market – I’m buying.

When the Brickworks Farmers market closed because of the virus, the growers regrouped and set up pop-ups with local businesses so they could still have a market for their products. Find out where you can buy local produce and meat in your area. Support local, independent business. The world needs them. You can have a look at the cookbook here.

Buy the local asparagus. Don’t let others have all the fun of stinky pee.

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  1. Haha! Words to live by!

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