For Conspiracy Buffs Only

There is so much online for people who like to indulge in alternative theories. Here’s a three minute clip from the movie V for Vendetta:


  1. oooo TFO…scary. Yet it doesn’t look like the future to me…just the same old past repeated. The pattern seems to be the eventual presence of excessive rigidity and constriction (entropy/death unconsciousness) in the system, collapsing into disorder until total chaos emerges. The chaotically useless/meaningless pattern then, often suddenly re-organizes as a more complex (life unconsciousness or consciousness in human terms) larger, creative new system. Where are we right now seems to be a good question. We already have enough deadly capacities to exterminate everyone…ricin in the water could certainly do the trick. Nuclear weapons and viruses abound. The human problem has always been, who would be left to serve the narcissistic needs of the destroyers who are always among us? When we operate on automatic conditioning which has used up all the creativity in whatever current system/culture, we become vulnerable to disorder and chaos. A bad thing? I’m one of those with the alternative view/belief that there is no death and no end to the process that is awakening this cosmos. Life unconsciousness is leading the way… exist/manifest on all levels that are conscious. 🙂 Lots of chaos to come though…personally and communally. The experience may be blissful. It is the rigidity that seems to be the suffering phase.

  2. Oh boy! I didn’t have enough stuff to worry about already….

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