Gender-Balanced Snow Clearing

If you are wondering why the streets are not plowed first, but the sidewalks and bike lanes are, you can blame Sweden for this current round of insanity.

Sweden brought us the marvelously pointless Vision Zero that Toronto has adopted. More on that in another post.

Read this.

More proof that the world has gone nuts.


  1. Pretty complicated issue. If the roads are left unplowed, it will lead to stores and services being unable to get or deliver supplies and services that are also pretty important. What about ambulances and paramedics and the possible impact on their ability to get around? And public transit buses? I understand and appreciate the point behind this concept, but I don’t think it’s as simple as it sounds. We seem to sometimes hurry to make changes because we think they will be purely positive changes. In a way there are. But often there will be some kind of negative impact as well. The Yin and the Yang of social change, I suppose. Anyway, just my two cents worth… I am fully aware that the world will continue to change the way people want it to, no matter what I may think of it. Change is the only thing that never changes.

    • Brian, I’m not sure if the issue is leaving the roads unplowed…that would not be useful. Just plowing sidewalks and bike lanes first. Delivery services, transit buses and ambulances are heavy vehicles able to navigate most snowfalls. Cars with snow tires can usually navigate in the tracks of other vehicles to get to work. But what is considered often last on the list of snow clearing might better be made first to serve citizens who need those sidewalks cleared to be able to move at all.
      And of course, major highways would not be affected…they would be ploughed. This would only affect city streets.

  2. Policies have always been gender biased and based…only to benefit men (who prefer to drive). It is impossible to walk in a medium snowfall even to catch a bus or from the subway (never mind to also climb over the huge, road snowplow piles) and much easier to drive in a moderate dump. If the snowfall is like Newfoundland’s…no one can walk or drive and men and women get to stay home and snuggle and kids get to snowboard off the roof. Otherwise…brava Sweden and Canada.

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