Generosity Is a Good Investment

Instead of leaving all of your plunder to greedy or well off relatives, consider giving some to charity.

Why give all your money to people who already have enough? There are charities for everything, and they need your money. Religious Organizations; Wildlife Care Centres; Music Programs for Underpriviledged Kids; Libraries; Missions for the Blind; The Owl Foundation; The Bruce Trail; Jane Goodall Institute; Friends of the Earth; Cultural Organizations; Mennonite Relief Agencies. The list is endless. Or give money to plant trees in parks or provide benches – you can even put your name on it for posterity.

And if you have a sizeable estate, remember to include the assets as part of your giving plan. Most people only consider the 10% of an estate that is in cash when they divvy it up. So if they want to give 10% to something near and dear to their heart, it ends up being 10% of 10%. Think of how much better it would be to help out by giving 10% of the full 100%.

So, for example, if you have two children, consider making a charity your “third child.” By the time you are dead, everybody will probably have all the stuff they need. But for people who help the helpless, the needs are endless.

Something to think about.

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  1. Before you give your $ away check out the report card for all the charities in Canada…Most of them suck . . They spend over 50% of the money on fundraising and admin so very little goes to where it is supposed to go. Also look at the track record of their cause and which corporate giants give them money too. Like the Canadian Cancer Society…Rating is a B+. Is cancer going away? Not on their watch ,Cancer is only getting bigger. Have they come out against known carcinogens. Nope. Have they assisted people learning about alternative therapies…Nope. 45% of all money raised goes to Admin and overhead. Choose wisely.

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