Have You Been in a Store Lately?

The inventory levels seem insane. Like a retail apocalypse scenario. Every store has five million toasters, and five million gift baskets, and millions of things that nobody needs. The line extension of products (like 25 types of tomato soup) is crazy-making. The tyranny of choice has invaded our lives.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to turn the third world into a slave labour manufacturing camp on steroids.

But, it is Christmas, so enjoy your trips into the Buyosphere. I won’t be joining you in the pursuit of more.

I’m spending money on things that matter, like the $40.00 I just paid for a festive red coloured cast for my broken wrist.


  1. Totally over the stores and shopping. Sending great vibes for a great and healthy 2020 and beyond.

  2. They make white hockey tape? Where have I been the last 70 years?

  3. Stores? I remember them well, no need to join the masses anymore.

  4. The cast can take you to Chinese New Years. Red is the luckiest colour so bathe that injury in the very best vibrational part of the spectrum. And now for the white ribbon to make it utterly festive (for CNY, you’ll have to attach five dollar bills). I trust you will have the candy cane makings in an apocalypse basket and won’t have to struggle/search in the truly bizarre stores. They had to build bigger and bigger boxes to fit everything in. We are heading for a big box world and what do we do with boxes? 25 types of tomato soup and few contain tomatoes it seems. I wonder if ‘idea’ every came close to what turned the erstwhile 3rd world into “a slave labour manufacturing camp on steroids”…a perfect description by someone who does have ideas! Good ones.

  5. Woohoo, you got red!! Wrap white hockey tape around it and turn it into a festive candy cane!

  6. The number of people I know who have done pretty much all of their shopping on Amazon (okay maybe a few small trinkets at Walmart) further convinces me that most stores are living on borrowed time. And yes I understand how convenient and inexpensive it is to shop at your computer, but I think it’s important for people to understand that if they don’t support some of the smaller specialty stores they like, they will be gone in the near future. Like almost everything in life, the choices you make and the actions you take will impact what kind of future lays ahead. I will admit though that I’m intrigued by the thought of your red cast. I hope it helps with the healing, as well as providing a little Christmas cheer!

  7. I prefer creative or handmade things better anyway

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