Hydro Robbery

Inflation in Canada is running at 2.2 %.

Sure it is.

The news about the new hydro rates claims that our bills are going up $2.00 a month, which is right in line with inflation. Great news!

Until you notice that the Time-Of-Use pricing has gone up 40% from the rates in May. So if you don’t use any hydro, your bill will only go up by the fictitious rate of inflation.

By the way, property taxes are going up 10%, not 2.2%.

Who can stop these thieving liars?


  1. And they want us all to buy electric cars……

  2. You can…Organize,Protest and VOTE.

    The above activities created the weekend, labour laws, minimum wages, hospitals and thousands of other positive aspects…

    Spend your time on organizing, writing to MPP’s , MPP’s city counselors. Organizing citizen groups.

  3. Thieves is right ! ..we almost go bankrupt every summer…why? because we like to heat our pool, to extend the swimming season and enjoy evening swimming. I guess we get punished for trying to enjoy our life.

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