If Fitbit was a Blog

7:00 a.m Time to get up your eyes have dried up overnight use the artificial tears scoop the litter box feed the cat put the dishes away don’t forget your toast and tea and the fifteen vitamins you missed vitamin D it’s winter you know feed the cat the real chicken and tuna too you know that commercial cat food is crap the garbage is full the bird feeder is empty the downstairs litter is dirty remember to meditate do the thymus thump for your stress you are using the computer a lot so remember to blink your eyes are dry again do those reflexology points for your health the cat needs to play you haven’t phoned your friend in a while give your husband a hug learn something clean something finish something book the appointment with the bookkeeper the dishes are dirty mail’s here pay the bills you’re not going to wear that are you do your exercise all of it stretching cardio abs the cat is howling the yard is a mess you don’t have anything for dinner that white plate is stained go downstairs get the bleach go back downstairs put the bleach back take the laundry downstairs the shower curtain is dirty the candles need to be replaced the book is overdue at the library fill the Berkey downstairs again for paper towels remove the cat hair with the lint remover somebody is at the door the lightbulb has burned out reset the clock vacuum and steam clean the hardwood you haven’t laughed lately it’s good for your health exercise those eye muscles you forgot to drink more water.

8:00 a.m.


  1. That’s a pretty active mind you have there…. All that in just an hour? And as soon as you wake up? I think Helen Crowe is right about sleeping late…

  2. This is why I get up at 10:00!

  3. Lol…this makes me dizzy….but it is also so incredibly accurate

  4. Brilliant!

  5. I could cry. It’s my life! Please somebody take me away from it all. Lol!!!!!

  6. Every damn day….

  7. Haha… funny!

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