The silent treatment, ghosting, gas lighting, passive-aggression – these mind games that ignore people and make them feel worthless and depressed – are deliberate efforts to cause harm. The abuser needs to feel in control. But the scars are on the inside of the victim, so most people never notice their pain.

Emotional abuse is where standard caring societal messages (I love you, etc.) are linked with abandonment to destroy self-confidence.

Is it going to increase? With constant access to digital devices, an entire generation can escape into a screen to avoid uncomfortable emotions. The resultant failure to develop mental strengths, like emotional availability, does not bode well for healthy and happy long lasting relationships.

Love is the capacity to be happy and make others happy. There is no eudemonia when you are starved of love and meaningful connection.

Most of the advice offered to people stuck in a cycle of abuse is to leave.

Go forward for happiness – not back.