Welcome to my quog. Yes, I made up this definition of the word. A quog is (sometimes) longer than a quote and (often) shorter than a typical blog. Think of it as a clearinghouse of ideas; a place to skewer received opinion; snatches from fields of learning; pungent rants; smooth observations; appeals to a life of depth.

There will be a lot of PFE, which stands for Proudly Found Elsewhere. It is an open embrace of innovative thinkers.

Citations and attributions are important, but since I didn’t write any down, this will have to suffice:  Thank you to all the creative, brilliant minds who are a part of this curation of thought.

So, to those of you who still enjoy thinking, and whose egos can withstand different opinions, come along with me on a journey of hills, mazes, meadows, valleys, mountaintops, and ultimately, departure.

A Quog:  Because you don’t have time. And I can’t be bothered.