It is Mathematically Impossible to Eliminate the Virus

Perhaps someone could help me understand something. Since the entire world population cannot be locked down, there will always potentially be someone with the virus.

I have already posted about the number of cases in February at 64,000 was no cause for concern by the WHO.

What number do we have to reach to end the quarantine which is really wrecking the world economy? How does the WHO decide it’s okay to go to work again? If one person still has the virus, is the risk still there?

What is the end game? I can’t find any information about how they will decide how to manage the risk. Even if there are no new cases reported, there will still be thousands who have the virus who are waiting to heal or die. Does the world have to wait for all the cases in the world to be resolved? If one new case appears, does the lockdown continue forever? Is Vision Zero being applied to the virus? I can’t find any logical explanation for any of this – just fear, panic and incoherent explanations.

Too bad the stock market crashed. I could have used the money for a flight to Mars.


  1. TFO…I don’t think it is the WHO who decides strategy but individual countries who do. WHO only gives information and alerts the world to dangerous realities. The countries who stopped the exponential spread are those who imposed strict lockdown (Taiwan, Korea) at the first signs of infection (except China who imposed draconian laws when things had gotten out of hand but still….it worked). The success really depends on citizens supporting the hard measures too. We will know when there are no new cases in a week….same as in nursing homes. The doors open when new cases end after a designated period of time. The stricter we are with ourselves…the sooner this will end. The danger is in the chaotic community spread. If this can be stopped, the medical system can track, test and isolate only the few who have exposure. Right now we have to test everyone because it has escaped cause and effect…and we don’t have the resources. This will end if we beat it out of the community and perhaps Covid-19 will always be a consideration but it won’t get out of control like now. We are in an emergency position that won’t last…IF we sincerely work together. Hope this clarifies somewhat. Personally, I’m standing in my driveway in the middle of the night hoping to flag down a passing alien spaceship!

  2. The 80,000 Americans are an estimate not a count. Bear in mind that…

    “Flu-associated deaths in adults are not a nationally notifiable condition, and so states are not required to report flu-associated deaths in adults to CDC.”

    The estimate was made by an association pushing for vaccinations…which didn’t work during the 2018/19 flu season (wrong strain targeted).

    Also seasonal flu associated deaths are caused by bacterial co-infections still amenable to antibiotics and not directly by the flu. The pneumonia caused by Covid-19 is a very serious viral pneumonia caused by the virus itself and antibiotics are useless. Even current antiviral treatments are not too effective and need to be given early on before the virus proliferates.

  3. This virus is a distraction. 80 000 people died last year in the USA from the common flu.
    Less people will die of this virus. Swine flu, bird flu, H1N1, Ebola ….will kill us all.
    Keep your immune system clean and healthy….For most people this is like a cold.

    When stressed you release cortisol, if you are stressed all the time your immune system will be depressed. Fear is the real virus.

    Relax please

  4. Great question!

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