My Arm is Out of Prison

The cast for my broken wrist was removed today, after six frustrating weeks of incarceration.

The conditions of parole are exercises for strength and movement.

The skin looks like an elephant hide with a touch of leprosy.

But I’m not complaining. Just yesterday two dear people I knew died. The loss of a loved one puts every other difficulty into perspective.


  1. Somehow, perspective and comparisons concerning the perceptual loss of two loved ones are small comfort. Perceptual loss only…but not for the deep heart which opens in grief and gratitude. Your love will never die and can only grow. We are so sorry for your losses. So many…we stand vigil with your sorrow.

    If your elephantine/leprous arm does not punish you by dropping off….it will forgive what you did to it and decide to remain attached and well. Good news. Life can heal.

  2. Welcome back, arm! And I totally agree about the “perspective” thing… There are usually lots of people going through worse stuff than we are at any given time. Sorry to hear of your recent losses.

  3. Glad you are healing and feeling better.
    Good words isn’t it funny how death of loved ones puts a lot of things into perspective for us.

    Kenda xxx

  4. So happy you have been released. So sorry for the loss of your friends. Talk soon! ♥️

  5. So sorry to hear about our losses Heather. xo

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