My Third Cat Was a Genius

To my knowledge he had never been to Russia, and I can’t recall him studying psychology, but he had perfected to his advantage Pavlov’s experiments.

Demonstrating a superiority to dogs and humans, my cat turned me into a salivating, knee jerk slave to his desires.

Had he been reading from the dozens of hypnosis books which line our shelves?

With a simple movement of his right arm and paw, his calculated movement to pull the decorative ceramic clay fish off the bathroom wall and smash it, had me running to the sink to turn on the tap.

He drank, and then with a degree of self satisfaction only seen in the eyes of Enron’s Kenneth Lay before he was caught, arrested and dead, my cat walks away – thirst satiated, owner controlled, his superiority intact and as inscrutable as ever.

Oh Kashmir. Wise and wonderful small-headed genius cat. My green eyed beauty. How I miss you.


  1. Our old retired (rescued) boys have no such skills. One is a couch potato we fondly refer to as ‘puddin’ and the other a retired master hunter aka ‘spike’. It seems their only brain is somewhere between their stomach and their meow. But nevertheless they will leave a hole in our hearts one day along with all their predecessors.

  2. Awww, Kashmir….,😞

  3. PS. If you see one of those saucers zipping in the diamond studded sky at your cottage…it is captain Kashmir driving the latest model, (not a defunct piece of billion dollar garbage slowly plummeting to earth) Expect the green lights to flicker in greeting. Long live your loving memory.

  4. Very wise! Kashmir initiated and helped you to purge and downsize. No sense keeping something in a million pieces…or shredded beyond recognition or a favourite hairball target. It is said that unusually smart animals have the (dubious) privilege of being reborn as human beings. That probably is not the fate of cats. They are probably re-born as supremely evolved extra terrestrials…you know…the ones who are are zipping around in saucers making sure we don’t blow up the earth for profit.

  5. I’m a dog person but I miss my Pascha as much as you do Kashmir, so I can relate. A dog that heard nothing (including my shouts when he intended to take down a sheep) heard and obeyed a slight whisper to go to his basket, when quietly at home. He didn’t get the sheep by the way. I got to him first. And I think that he would agree that cats are smarter. He never got one of those either.

  6. My Simon did much the same. One short mew and you had about 10 seconds to let him onto the deck before items were swiped off counter tops. Bless his black and white little face. 5 yrs on and I miss him deeply.

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