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We haven’t watched TV for 10 years because it all seemed to be crap. Opportunities for distraction have been greatly reduced on Prison Planet (formerly called Earth), so we have been forced back to network television. Much to our surprise, there is some pretty decent programming.

MadMen, Breaking Bad and The Good Wife are all stellar – very well written and superb casting.

Mind Hunters was gripping, as were some of the Black Mirror episodes. Dirty John was a fascinating study of a psychopath with a woman in his thrall. After Life with Ricky Gervais was a mix of deep emotional pain and belly laughs.

Very British Problems on Prime was original and funny. And every night we end with Jeopardy to gloat about how smart we are (and wish our friends were in the room to know it too).

It is risky to recommend shows and movies because of differing tolerances for violence, language, and the pointless graphic and gratuitous sex scenes which seem to be in everything except Downton Abbey. Which is still, in my mind, the best show ever written for television. A close second is MI-5, also known as Spooks.


  1. Mad Men is superb; Spooks aka MI5 I used to watch and loved…..binging on Justified right now — Elmore Leonard done real good and Timothy Olyphant is awesome eye candy. Andrew watched Unorthodox last week and couldn’t stop raving….he’s now been watching a fair number of documentaries on Hassidic Jews and Gypsies. And for fun The Young and the Restless is repeating classic episodes….Victor and Nikki’s weddings should take up at least a month of episodes! hahahaha!

  2. Those are all excellent shows and I loved them all. We also do not have network tv but watched them all on DVD. No commercials. Sometimes I think at some break “that would have been a commercial“, but most of the time I just watch the show and enjoy it. They make excellent shows nowadays. Better than before. The things like Netflix and so on make ongoing shows where each episode is like a feature movie, but because it goes on they get to develop characters way more. We have commented on this a few times. Never watch game shows though. Never was my thing.

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