Not a Huge Fan of Exercise

My brothers were involved in sports, but not me, so I never got into a ‘ look after your body’ mindset. Which is crazy, because if you don’t make time for exercise, you will have to make time for illness.

Now that I am on the wrong side of sixty, I joined a seniors exercise group just before the lockdown. I actually enjoyed going – but then it was gone. What to do?

Youtube to the rescue. We’ve only had a smart tv since February, so I had no idea what a plethora of spandex obsessed, fitness gurus lived in my basement. The variety is fabulous – hundreds of videos from 5-minute yoga to 60-minute aerobics.

And you are with people who inspire and talk to you. Remember real people – before they became bad for your health, like too much dessert?

I look forward to the day when human contact is put back on the menu. But for now, my screen buddies are tasked with keeping me moderately fit. I don’t see slim in my future unless the food supply collapses.


  1. ha, love this!!!

  2. I’m with you TFO! Never enjoyed exercise, thank goodness I have a dog who still likes his 1/2 hour walk every day! And as my hobby is cooking and baking, been doing a lot (too much) of that lately😂

  3. You Tube is a God sent for a number of reasons. It’s like the new World Encyclopedia . Want music lessons, cooking tutorials, home repair info ? It’s all there. Two thumbs up for You Tube.

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