Not Just Toilet Paper

There are a few other items that might be a good idea to have on hand:

Vitamin C for the immune system. It gets depleted from stress and has to be replenished.

Vitamin D-3 is also recommended. Even though the hours of sunlight are increasing, they are still low. Canada has the highest incidence of MS and some research indicates it might be due to low levels of D-3.

Oil of Oregano is an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antibiotic. About a decade ago, my royal consort cured his pneumonia with it when antibiotics had failed.

Pain and fever reducers like Advil, etc. And don’t run out of toothpaste.

Colloidal Silver is a great disinfectant. You can gargle with it, use it for eye infections, wash wounds, disinfect cutting boards, etc.

Proteins and fats instead of pasta and potato chips. Nut butters are highly recommended.

A Himalayan salt inhaler is good for your airways if you get a cough. You can buy them on Amazon.

And a bottle of wine and an eye dropper if severe rationing happens.


  1. Everything I have seen, heard, read says do not use any Ibuprofen medication ie. Advil, Motrin but instead use
    acetaminophen products instead such as Tylenol, Excedrin, Anacin, etc. (Those last two are really old school aren’t they).

  2. You may want to eliminate Advil or any other Ibuprofen, recent information suggests this product has shown to interfere with the recovery of Covid19. Publication from France, take it at your own risk. Acetaminophen is ok.

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