Our Cat Died

Sadly, our seven-year-old Bengal named Tesla died today. A week and a half ago, he seemed to rally a bit with the CBD oil, but then he took a turn for the worse. All the tests were inconclusive – maybe kidney, maybe malabsorption syndrome, maybe a cytokine storm.

We spent over a thousand dollars – trying Prednisone and pancreatic enzymes, but his time was up. We sent him over the rainbow bridge to cat heaven.

He was an unusual cat, as all cats are. We called him The Cheetah. He was a good eater and a good traveller. He loved going to the cabin. We used to joke that we bought it for him.

We will process the grief by playing our three hour Sad Songs iTunes mix and just sit together and cry our eyes out, feeling like the loss will kill us. But it won’t because loss is a part of life, and eventually we will recover and move on with the happy memories of being blessed with the opportunity to love a beautiful cat.

In the meantime, we will shower love and attention on our remaining cat Gwaihir the Egyptian Mau.

All of you who have loved and lost will understand.


  1. Love to you both. The Cheetah was a beautiful, interesting and entertaining kitty cat. I loved his knowing meow and bookcase throne from where he could preside over his adoring kingdom! Not to mention his crazy chair sitting talents and bathtub antics. He was a wonderful boy ???

  2. Aw. Loss won’t kill us…yet we die for love and in love. Without love, we would not grieve. Your wonderful Tesla Cheetah, gave you that greatest
    gift straight from the infinite source…love which is eternal…always, forever. I understand and my heart aches too with both of yours and holds you so you can cry your eyes out. Brian and I are so sorry for this anguished time. There is nothing to be done except be there….with friends.

  3. Kenda Summers

    July 25, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    My deepest condolennces to you dear one. I wish there were words I could use right now to ease your pain. But there are none.
    I will quote a wonderful friend of mind who is an author – “It’s Not Putting Me Down It’s Lifting Me Up” is the title to one of her books and today you did the most unselfsih thing – as you lifted your sweet boy up.
    Rest easy sweet Cheetah – you were so loved!!!!!

  4. My heart aches for your loss.
    What a wonderful gift you had to have shared your love with him.

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