Our Cat Just Died

That was the title of a blog post I wrote for Tuesday July 14, 2020. We had an in-home euthanasia appointment booked for our very sick Bengal cat (who we have always referred to as the cheetah.)

But I cancelled it. I happened to phone an independent pet food store that I shop at for an unrelated enquiry. I told her about poor Telsa, and she asked me if we had tried CBD oil. We had not, but I did have some on hand, so we decided to try it a few days before the ‘cat goes to heaven’ appointment.

Amazingly, after months of diarrhea, the cat had a normal bowel movement. And then the next day, he seemed better again. He was quite zonked out – I think the CBD we gave him has THC.

So we decided to give the cat at least a week on the CBD oil before we rescheduled the appointment. I bought a few different versions that do not have THC.

He is still with us, although he is still quite skinny and not what you would call a robust cat. But he is eating, and grooming, and using the litter box, and he can climb the stairs.

I weigh him once a week to check his progress. I don’t think he is out of the woods, and if his weight declines, it will clearly be a bad sign. But if the CBD oil can give him a few weeks or months of life with us, it is worth it. We do love the cheetah.


  1. Kenda Summers

    July 20, 2020 at 9:25 am

    Oh this post put tears in my eyes. When I read the title my heart started to beat faster and I was afraid to read the blog. Wonderful news. Heal on cheetah – heal on!

  2. Wonderful story! Did you get your CBD oil from Cannabis Ontario (outrageous prices) and if so what kind. Capsules or drops with very little THC? We have a cat who is not thriving and came to us a starving kitten only 3 months old (along with her friend who was 5 months old). We took them in and the older cat was obviously lost from a good home but the little one was from feral stock and very malnourished. Perhaps CBD oil would help her combat the low grade infections in her digestive tract and teeth. How much did you give your Bengal? Our peasant puss is only 2 years old now and should be in her prime…like her Mr. happily annoying partner. We are delighted that your beloved cheetah appears to be coming back from the brink. Eating, grooming, using the litter box and climbing stairs marks the return of health for any species! Great intuition and sleuthing F.O!

  3. All the very best wishes and kisses to the cheetah. Cats are beautiful creatures.

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