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And only 5 minutes long.

Not a Huge Fan of Exercise

My brothers were involved in sports, but not me, so I never got into a ‘ look after your body’ mindset. Which is crazy, because if you don’t make time for exercise, you will have to make time for illness.

Now that I am on the wrong side of sixty, I joined a seniors exercise group just before the lockdown. I actually enjoyed going – but then it was gone. What to do?

Youtube to the rescue. We’ve only had a smart tv since February, so I had no idea what a plethora of spandex obsessed, fitness gurus lived in my basement. The variety is fabulous – hundreds of videos from 5-minute yoga to 60-minute aerobics.

And you are with people who inspire and talk to you. Remember real people – before they became bad for your health, like too much dessert?

I look forward to the day when human contact is put back on the menu. But for now, my screen buddies are tasked with keeping me moderately fit. I don’t see slim in my future unless the food supply collapses.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Breaking news:


If you fall into the above category, you probably won’t like this post.

If you’re not a scaredy-cat, you might like the following article.

What Does the Word SAFE Mean to You?

One of the many slogans of the Covid era is ‘Stay Safe’. But as Dennis Prager points out, ‘Until it’s safe, means never’.

Since nothing in life is 100% safe, what percentage of safety are you looking for? And how will you know when you have achieved it – 80,000 active cases, or 5?

Theoretically, even if one person had the virus, we could still catch it and die. But until now, nobody lived in fear of the ‘one’.

Complete safety is unachievable, so why can’t we open up the economy now?

As I have said before, it is mathematically impossible to reduce the virus to zero. When will you know it’s okay to give someone a hug again – when the government says it’s okay? They say you can’t go golfing, but Barak Obama did. You can’t get your hair cut, but the Mayor of Chicago can.

It would take courage to change the slogan from Stay Safe to Fight Back, but courage is always in short supply in a culture of fear.

Fun With Anagrams

Take a break from the usual list of time fillers like Sudoku, Crosswords and Puzzles, and try Anagrams.

There are dozens of anagrams for theforthrightone, including Frighten Her Tooth, and Ferret Thigh Hot On.

Try it yourself. Find out what your friends names really mean. Or pets. Or anything. Here is the link.

New Facts and Your Brain

A research study out of Berkley has confirmed that new evidence and new facts rarely change someone’s mind. It is because the brain accepts the first few bits of information, and then decides to discard anything that challenges those beliefs. I guess that’s why most people believe CNN, and distrust independent journalism. The mainstream media got into your brain first, so they win the information war.

New facts don’t matter to most people. It’s actually quite terrifying.

I could show you all kinds of new information about how the numbers of deaths from Covid are exaggerated, and how John Roberts at a White House briefing said the fatalities are no higher than the flu.

Here are a couple of links, from the hundreds available, that I know you won’t take the time to look at. Because the Berkley study is correct – we are cowheads and feel safer believing what the majority believes.

Here is the White House briefing clip – from the 2 minute mark to the 4:30 minute mark:

The Bible says that in the last days God will send a strong delusion so that men will believe a lie. It doesn’t seem like it’s necessary. Your brain naturally does it for you.

Tired of All the Depressing Virus News?

Let’s talk about something uplifting.


They have a talent for reading people, and sizing them up quickly. Using “affinity fraud”, they carefully assess your persona, then feed you three messages:

I like who you are. I am just like you. Your secrets are safe with me.

Being consummate liars, they often adopt a parasitic existence, living off the generosity or gullibility of others. They are without conscience and are incapable of true empathy, guilt or loyalty to anyone but themselves.

They are very sincere. Except they’re not. Unfortunately, they often do not display the usual symptoms of mental illness, but instead seem normal. At first.

The cracks of their deceit and control eventually begin to show. And if you are meticulous in challenging your own thoughts and ideas, you can spare yourself from being the prey of these invisible predators.

Here is a classic tip for good mental hygeine:

If the reason you are given doesn’t make sense, it’s because it isn’t the reason. You are being deceived.

Penny Candy

On a side street near where I grew up, there were two corner stores. One was a small grocery named Parrott’s and the other one was a tiny, run-down building owned by Pat and Lena. Both had candy sections, and on the way back to school after lunch, they were where I would spend my daily dime allowance.

Pat and Lena were really old so it was easier to steal candy from their shop. Parrott’s candy section was not self serve, but they tended to have a better variety.

These are some of the tooth rotting delicacies I remember buying:

Mojos; wax lips; bacon and hickory chips; Popeye cigarettes; jujubes; Lolas; Pixy Stix; Lik-M-Aid; Sweet tarts; Black Cat gum; Fruit Stripe gum; Koo-Koo bars; Minipop; those super chewy red coins; Buried Treasure; Chunky; Dubble Bubble; Tiny Size Chicklets; Fruitella; B-B-Bats; Lovehearts; Good and Plenty; Ludens cherry flavoured cough drops – all so delicious.

There was another store on a busier street that sold lemon chiffon ice cream cones which my friend and I were addicted to. Like other addicts with no source of income, we very carefully took money from the leather pouch her brother used for his paper route collection. For some reason I remember the day we spent $1.05 at that store, which was an insane amount of money to blow in the 1960’s.

It’s funny what we remember when we don’t have a lot to do.

Covid Satire

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