Room For Improvement

What does it feel like to be you right now?

What part of you hasn’t shown up in your life yet?

I have a big project to work on this year. It’s called me. I have to excavate some troubling traits and backfill my life with the qualities of people I admire.

The greatest gift you can bring to the table of your relationships is a healthy, kind, forgiving, loving, encouraging, helpful, connected heart. It’s never too late.

Thank God for that.


  1. Do you find that ‘a connected heart’ is always fearless? Except that some of us have a lifetime of disconnection that makes connection feel so vulnerable. I think your blog is healing this strange, devastating gap in reality. Yes…wounded healer…the only kind there is.

  2. I need to fully explore my creative side, I feel blessed with a number of artistic advantages, however I think I take them for granted. I definitely don’t show my appreciation for these gifts….time for change before it’s too late.

  3. I think you have a lot of that in you already, if I’m not being too forthright.

  4. It feels busy and frightening. ( I am embarking on a large project) – I can relate to alot of your feelings xxxx

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