Six Months to Christmas

The perfect day to share my favourite Christmas cat commercial. Enjoy.


  1. Love this! Cats just adore Christmas (and potted plants) and for some reason they express their passions exactly as depicted. ‘Temptations’ would lean more into the spirit of the season which is hurtling toward us than the hated spray bottle(s).

    Uh oh…my nightmare Lisa. The indoor cat escapee omnipotent with primal and bestial joy. All those birds mentally consumed from behind the torment of glass now within easy grasp. All that practice leaping and pouncing to the ridiculous dangle toy and stupid laser pointer. Free at last. I am CAT and you are…what’s in the bag?

  2. A perennial favourite. Great choice marking the centre point of the year.

    The Temptations marketing team needs to produce a video of cat owners shaking the treat bag outside to get a runaway indoor feline safely back into the house.

  3. Kenda Summers

    June 25, 2019 at 8:43 am

    haa haa, oh good lord, so accurate!!!!

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