Smart Homes

This is one person’s opinion that I read, but I can’t remember who wrote it:

“It turns out that a “smart home” is an incredibly stupid idea. If you can’t even open your front door without getting permission from a remotely processed Google login procedure that requires the smooth functioning of routers, servers and the power grid, you’ve put yourself in a stupid situation. Do you really want Google — now the most evil corporation in the world — to control your access to your own home? Do you even want Google knowing when you’re entering and leaving your home?”

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  1. 100% true…some devices are smart some are not.
    I have an electric lock…but it has a key backup. Not connected to the net.
    There are some some good smart devices. Like doorbells and motion detection cameras. Door bell rings. You can see who it is….from anywhere. You can talk to them and tell them
    a) leave the package at the door
    b) I am not interested in the jehovah’s witnesss

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