Stop Worrying. The Robots Will Save Us

Just watched a wonderful example of Orwellian Double Speak in an interview with the Facebook CEO in Munich this past February.

He said that Facebook is to give people a voice and encourage democratic dialogue and bring people together. How? Hive behaviour and groupthink?

Then he says that Facebook takes down one million fake accounts per day and regulation is necessary. Of course, nobody asks who determines what is fake. Read about Stanley Milgram’s study on obedience to authority to understand why.

Artificial Intelligence determines if a website is not behaving like a human and that’s why Facebook just had to intervene in over 200 elections worldwide since 2016. Great. So a robot will determine authentic behaviour – like HAL in the movie 2001.

So if the robot makes a mistake about your intentions, can you sue them in court?

The NYSE is eliminating floor traders starting tomorrow because of the virus and all the trades will be done by robots. A few days ago I found an article that said that AI trades are great when markets are going up, but the robots flee when markets start trading down and things crash. This article is now nowhere to be found on the internet.


  1. What if it’s the robot who is doing all the worrying? ;-D

  2. Strange times indeed…

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