That Was a Long Intermission

The line ups to the washroom and the popcorn concession took forever! Three weeks in fact.

In reality, I didn’t have enough tech info with me at the cabin to be able to access my blog.

My royal consort just got a new iPad Pro, so we should be able to figure out how I can post from the great white north. And when I say we, I mean asking our brilliant tech friends how to do it.

Thanks for hanging in and not hitting the unsubscribe button.

FYI – the heat and biting insects are atrocious up north.


  1. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hope you are able to dodge the bugs!

  2. Are you seriously complaining about the heat up north? Get in the lake …its why its there and why you have a place on a lake on not in a field or in the woods.

    Get going!!!

  3. Glad to have been able to share the Heat and biting insects with you.

  4. You have been greatly missed!

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