The Dumbest Generation

This article is from 2008. It might actually be worse now.

I hope it isn’t true, but just in case, I am only hiring people over fifty to be my lawyer, accountant, doctor, gas appliance repairman, insurance salesperson, mechanic, vet, financial planner, and everything else I need help with.


  1. I dunno…no one could be dumber if dumber is defined by lack of ANY depth of social, worldly, political acumen of my generation. ZERO and ZERO for everyone I knew. This current generation has its challenges. Mine was not to dissolve into the conformist coma of the 50’s and thereby escape the (imminent) end of the world…theirs is to not to be extinguished by the digital coma and thereby escape the (imminent) end of the world. We evolve one step ahead of the grim reaper and inch forward towardinfinite consciousness and eternal love. Perhaps we shouldn’t judge children but the wisdom (growth) of elders.

  2. It might actually be worse now? Might???

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