Some highlights from the book of the same name: Spoiler alert: I liked the movie.

“Postmodernity, which is the immense process of the destruction of meaning.”

“Most of us spend almost all of our time in highly artificial environments, far removed from nature.”

“As Baudrillard puts it “[W]e live in a world where there is more and more information and less and less meaning.”

“Authenticity is a value worth fighting for.”

“Man’s grovelling preference for his material over his spiritual interests.”

“Neo has to choose between the red and blue pill – either the traumatic awakening into the Real or persisting in the illusion regulated by the Matrix.”

It’s a choice we all make.

I took the red pill, and I read somewhere that it’s a waste of time talking about red pill topics to blue pill people, precisely because:

“We prefer comforting illusions to harsh realities.”