What To Do With the Surplus

The industrial world needs a place for the surplus garbage.

The developing world needs a place for the surplus population.

The greedy world continues to extract raw materials at an alarming rate.

The sane world knows you cannot have infinite growth in a finite universe.

The stupid world displays bumper stickers that proclaim “My Canada Includes Everybody” by pretending that the 5 billion destitute of the world should settle in Toronto. It is lived density that determines the quality of life.

The thinking world would like immigration policies to be tied to economic realities, not political ideologies.

A responsible world would limit their population, thus limiting the garbage, thus limiting the extraction. But that is not the case, so the oceans fill up with garbage and the cities fill up with people, and no one knows how to slow it down.


  1. No one but the earth itself.

  2. I agree!

  3. Well written…I agree with all of the above, how sad we have become, evolution? I think not !

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