Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

A friend sent this along. I had read the article but had never seen the video. Well worth the twenty minutes to understand relationships in a fresh and humourous way.

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  1. This was very thought-provoking, as is much of the information shared in your blog. Certainly makes you look at marriage (and other relationships) from a different perspective. I have often thought what works well in a marriage is to be some combination of who you really are, and who your partner needs you to be. Sometimes you give selflessly because your partner needs your support and understanding. Other times you may be more focused on your own issues and you need your mate to be there for you unconditionally. Usually you’ll be somewhere in between the two. As long as you aren’t always at one end of the spectrum, this seems to work. Most people (in my opinion) aren’t going to be comfortable in a union where they get their way all the time, or one where they always have to be the giver.

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